Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Europe Trip 2011 : Planning for the trip

Sesungguhnya entry ni dah terlalu basi, but just to share info since few people have been asking me how we planned our trip. It was all free and easy and no travel agent services involved. All views and remarks are just based on our own observation. The trip was 8 days and we managed to cover 4 countries France, Itali, Belgium and Netherlands during early spring.

So the first thing we did were buying the air ticket. We were lucky since at that time Air Asia X had just launched its KL - Paris route and of course during this promotion period the fare was unbelievably cheap. We managed to secure 2 seats for return flight KL - Paris -KL at only RM3273 all inclusive ( return ticket for 2 person, meal, baggage and travel insurance).

Bile tiket dah beli, then the next thing was to plan our route pulak. Keje ni memang agak leceh sebab lots of things need to be considered, macam how to get there, nak pegi mane dulu, how long should we stay, where to stay and etc. After considering all factors, we decided to visit,


3D2N : Paris


Hotel : Angelterre Hotel

Rate : Euro 54/night

How to get there : Take metro and stop at Barbes Roschechuart

Breakfast : Not provided


3D2N : Venice


Hotel : Palladio Hotel

Rate : Euro 31.50/night

How to get there : Take bus that goes to Malcontenta, there is a bus stop right in front of the hotel

Breakfast : Provided


2D1N : Rome


Hotel : Aquarium Hotel

Rate : Euro 67.50/night

How to get there : The hotel is just few blocks away from Termini Station

Breakfast : Provided

2D1N : Amsterdam


Hotel : Inntel Hotel

Rate : Euro 139/night

How to get there : From central station take tram no 1,2 or 5 and stop at Kolk station, but the hotel is just few minutes walk from the central station..tapi kalo malas nak menapak bolehlaa amik tram.

Breakfast : Provided


After that kena fikir pulak macam mane nak sampai ke tempat-tempat tu, after doing some researches we decided to,

From Paris to Venice : By Easyjet flight (Fare Euro84.93 for 2 persons)

From Venice to Rome : By Easyjet flight (Fare Euro60.93 for 2 persons)

From Rome to Amsterdam via Brussel: By Ryanair flight landing at Brussel (Fare Euro70.98), then Brussel to Amsterdam by Eurolines coach (Fare Euro20 for 2 persons)

From Amsterdam to Paris : By Eurolines coach (Fare Euro42 for 2 persons)

All hotels were booked thru booking. com except Palladio Hotel where I booked thru the hotel site. So basically this was how we plan our trip. Review will come later...

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