Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Europe Trip 2011 : Planning for the trip

Sesungguhnya entry ni dah terlalu basi, but just to share info since few people have been asking me how we planned our trip. It was all free and easy and no travel agent services involved. All views and remarks are just based on our own observation. The trip was 8 days and we managed to cover 4 countries France, Itali, Belgium and Netherlands during early spring.

So the first thing we did were buying the air ticket. We were lucky since at that time Air Asia X had just launched its KL - Paris route and of course during this promotion period the fare was unbelievably cheap. We managed to secure 2 seats for return flight KL - Paris -KL at only RM3273 all inclusive ( return ticket for 2 person, meal, baggage and travel insurance).

Bile tiket dah beli, then the next thing was to plan our route pulak. Keje ni memang agak leceh sebab lots of things need to be considered, macam how to get there, nak pegi mane dulu, how long should we stay, where to stay and etc. After considering all factors, we decided to visit,


3D2N : Paris


Hotel : Angelterre Hotel

Rate : Euro 54/night

How to get there : Take metro and stop at Barbes Roschechuart

Breakfast : Not provided


3D2N : Venice


Hotel : Palladio Hotel

Rate : Euro 31.50/night

How to get there : Take bus that goes to Malcontenta, there is a bus stop right in front of the hotel

Breakfast : Provided


2D1N : Rome


Hotel : Aquarium Hotel

Rate : Euro 67.50/night

How to get there : The hotel is just few blocks away from Termini Station

Breakfast : Provided

2D1N : Amsterdam


Hotel : Inntel Hotel

Rate : Euro 139/night

How to get there : From central station take tram no 1,2 or 5 and stop at Kolk station, but the hotel is just few minutes walk from the central station..tapi kalo malas nak menapak bolehlaa amik tram.

Breakfast : Provided


After that kena fikir pulak macam mane nak sampai ke tempat-tempat tu, after doing some researches we decided to,

From Paris to Venice : By Easyjet flight (Fare Euro84.93 for 2 persons)

From Venice to Rome : By Easyjet flight (Fare Euro60.93 for 2 persons)

From Rome to Amsterdam via Brussel: By Ryanair flight landing at Brussel (Fare Euro70.98), then Brussel to Amsterdam by Eurolines coach (Fare Euro20 for 2 persons)

From Amsterdam to Paris : By Eurolines coach (Fare Euro42 for 2 persons)

All hotels were booked thru booking. com except Palladio Hotel where I booked thru the hotel site. So basically this was how we plan our trip. Review will come later...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Legend @ PD

2 weeks ago, dengan alsan yang sangat kukuh...nak release tension konon..we all went to PD. This time we stayed overnight at The Legend International Water Homes since my colleague who just been to PD recommended this hotel to me. Rate-wise, memang agak mahal but with the facilities I think it's worth. We stayed at the garden villa, and I tell you guys the room is soooooooo big, equivalent to the size of my apartment (approx 900 sqft). The room we stayed is equipped with 2 king size beds, plus kitchenette yang besar then not to forget the private pool. Oh yaa.. all units come with a private pool, so kalo rase-rase cam ala-ala segan nak g mandi kat public pool then bolehlaa buat aksi2 terjun junam kat private pool. But be reminded that the private pool tu kedalamannye is 4 ft, so kalo anak2 nak mandi make sure don't leave them unattended. I ni kan memang x pandai nak tulis sila layan gambar je...


Our Villa


Yang ni villa above the sea...maybe next time boleh stay here pulak

The private pool



Public pool for kids...kakak sangat tak sabar nak terjun


The drama queen


Another drama queen

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dangerous Zone !!!!

Oh no my BMI now has exceeded 25, that means I'm overweight. Saya sangat risau, sebab the more I refrain myself from eating too much, lagi saya semakin nak makan. I wonder why most friends yang further study, semua jadi slim. When I asked them, they answer was we were too stress and busy to even think about food. But, I'm on the opposite side, lagi saya stress lagi saya nak makan.huwaaaa (mode menangis meraung-raung)
After brainstorming, I came up with few options;
1. pegi slimming center
I did enroll to one slimming program in early 2008, right before I'm pregnant with no. 2 and managed to lose 10 kgs in 2 months time, amazing kan. But it cost me a bomb...
2. Diet supplement - herbalife dan yang sewaktu dengannya
Pernah cuba makan herbalife dan yang seangkatan dengannya, tapi agak kurang berjaya sebab despite taking the supplement which they claim boleh buat kita kenyang, saya masih makan dalam kuantiti yang sama..sigh
3. Exercise plus balance diet
I think this would be the safest way to reduce weight but kena disiplin. Untuk exercise ni pulak kan, ade few choices jugak I either buy an exercise machine contohnye cam treadmill or enroll gym membership. Tapikan again, saya ini memang sangat tidak kalau saya beli treadmill and hoping that I'll use it on everyday basis mesti dalam masa tak sampai sebulan treadmill tu akan jadi gajah putih kat umah, ataupun lebih baik jadi penghuni stor. Tapi untuk enroll gym membership pulak, the nearest gym yg saya rasa mcm ok adelah Fitness First di IOI mall Puchong, jauh jugak kan nak travel from Kajang to Puchong..FYI Fitness First launch few programmes macam the biggest loser (at this moment I don't need this), lose it program (ni untuk orang yang nak turunkan 5-10kg, which is applicable to me) dan ade macam-macam program lagi..
And still thinking which would be the best option for me....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sini Situ Sana Sini

Dah lama gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tak bercerita-ceriti di sini....
Sesungguhnya semangat ku untuk berblog hanyalah "Hot2 chick", sangat tidak konsisten..Anyway sebenarnye byk sangat benda yang nak di update, tapi saya update mane2 yang saya ingat je lah ye....
Sorfina a.k.a kakak
She will be going to kindie nx year, I really hope she'll like her new school. She attended real kids program early this year, but only for few months before I got feed up and decided to withdraw her from the school. The reason being, everymorning Í have to face this situation "drama airmata", she refused to wake up. This time she'll be attending an islamic-based kindie nearby my office.
Dayana a.k.a adik
She turned two last month, but despite her good appetites she still considered skinny. This month she is officially wean off from my b*****. She is now taking Pediasure (harap-harap boleh tambahkan berat badannya).
Maid a.k.a bibik
I got a new maid, been with us for almost 3 months far so good, but its still too early to jump into conclusion. I hope she is not the "talam-dua-muka"kind of person. I do installed cctv at home, so that I can monitor the real "her"from my office.
Study a.k.a PHD
Alhamdullilah, after almost 3 years looking for the right path, finally I completed the simulation and started writing my thesis now. I have one more year to go, hopefully by then everything has been completed. AMINNNN
Holiday a.k.a jalan-jalan
This is the best part..Next year ade banyak event jalan-jalan. Hubby and I will be going to Europe next March specifically Paris, London and Amsterdam. Will spend 10 days there. Actually I planned to go to Europe lepas dah submit thesis PHD..but, me being very impatient nak jugak pegi awal..This is going to be my first experience to Europe, and I'm very excited. The kids will stay here with opah and bibik.
The next jalan-jalan trip is in May, we'll be going to Langkawi..This time I'll bring everyone including kakak, adik, nenek and bibik. Nak bawa anak-anak ke underwaterworld and taman burung. Agenda shopping-menyopping harus lah minimal,sbb we'll be moving to a new house in 2012 jd x nak angkut byk sgt barang.
After the Langkawi trip, we'll be going to Kuantan in June. Tapi yang ni sebenarnye adalah atas urusan kerja tapi boleh bawa anak-anak jugak kan..Plan to stay at Swiss Garden again, I like this hotel, anak-anak saya pun suka.
Last jalan-jalan trip untuk tahun 2011 is Medan, Indonesia. This time pun saya bawa semua termasuk opah dan bibik jugak..Bibik can visit her daughter and family kat sana jugak...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cloth Pad

At first I was very skeptical bout cloth pad, macam-macam keburukkan yg saya fikir...antaranya susah nak basuh, lecehlaa, not hygienic and bla bla bla..

But since I'm using cloth diaper for Dayana I think why not, this time I use cloth for myself. so, saya pun order few form mamapatch and snexy by liz snuggbaby. I orderred in various types pantyliner, regular pad and night pad..

To my surprise, cloth pad ni memang tak susah nak basuh, after use just rinse then apply shower gel kat pad tu pastu rendam next day boleh basuh,semua stain akan hilang, tak leceh pun and to me memang hygienic pun..sebab no unwanted smell langsung.

Tapikan sekarang macam tgh terpikir nak cuba mensttual cup pulak....hohohoho

Selamat Berbuka - 4 Ramadan

Alhamdullilah, semalam dah masuk hari ke-4 far masih larat nak masak juadah berbuka. Pada kebiasaannya,bulan puasa memang saya dan encik suami tidak beli lauk dari luar,sebab malas nak bersesak2...Juadah untuk berbuka semalam, nasi beriani, ayam masak madu, dalca tulang and papadom..Ni semua air tangan saya..hehehe..tapikan rupe nasi beriani tu cam nasi minyak je...


Nasi beriani tapi rupenye cam nasi minyak,sebab saya xde colouring nak bubuh

Ayam masak madu...

Dalca tulang

Papadom untuk pelengkap

Berbuka dgn air bandung jagung, agar-agar dan buah tembikai

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramadhan datang lagi...

Alhamdullilah,syukur kepada ALLAH, kerana masih diberi panjang umur untuk bersama menunaikan ibadah puasa..Semoga ramadhan tahun lebih baik dari yang sebelumnya..AMIN